Last year was a special one.

  • I left ClearSlide after four years - a bitter sweet change, but something I was ready for. I replaced the ClearSlide rocketship, with a newer, shinier one.

  • I started at StatusPage. A dream come true, getting to work with equally driven, smart folks. We’re friends, we work hard, and I love it.

  • I launched SoundViz. My biggest personal project yet and first real tech business experiment. I lost count of the hours of work I put in to it, and the times I almost gave up, but I did it.

  • I bought an engagement ring and proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes.

I like the New Year. It gives you a moment to pause and think about what you did last year, and more importantly, what you’re going to do this year. How much better you’re going to do, and how much more often you’re gonna go to the gym, so you can be super jacked for summer.

So, I’m here doing just that. My big challenge for the year is simple.

I will write more.

What form this takes, I can’t be sure. None the less, I will publish something at least once a week. I’ve learned an incredible amount during my SoundViz adventures. I’m in the early stages of planning a wedding. Thanks to the wedding planning, we’ll be cooking more meals at home. Lot’s of material. Lot’s of time to write.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say, or do, rather, is commit to writing. I can’t promise what the quality will be, I can’t promise a consistent theme, but I’m just gonna start writing and see what comes out.

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